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Phyto S.S.D.

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    Made in Canada

Product Code: P-GROW

  • Silver Birch (Betula pendula)
  • Silver Fir (Abies alba)
  • Dog Rose (Rosa canina)


Growth disorders, mineral bone, immunity and psychological tonification 


Phyto S.S.D. supports biomineralization of the bone. It’s indicated for children with growth and development disorders caused by chromosomal, environmental, physical, or psychological factors. The complex also favors well for complaints of somatic symptoms such as joint and muscle aches resulting from improper growth, development, or demineralization of bones.


Silver Fir is the primary remedy in the complex. Silver Fir is the tallest tree in Europe and is a reflection of its biological activity in supporting vertical growth. It is used for decalcification, rickets, tooth decay, and demineralization.


Calcium and phosphate are involved in the demineralization and remineralization processes. It influences the susceptibility of tooth decay and bone pathologies. Silver Birch protects demineralization thereby preventing the risk of tooth decay, fracture, and osteomyelitis.


Dog Rose stimulates the immune system needed for the child to thrive. It works to protect the child from repetitive infections that may deplete the child's vital force. The remedy is also anti-anemic and maintains calcium levels, nutrients commonly low in children with growth retardation.

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