Founder Story

Our Founders: Yves Yau, David Levy and Tal Gootgarts have united in our mission, which is to emphasize the importance of natural health products in patient health maintenance and optimization. These products, when effectively formulated and administered under the guidance of trusted healthcare practitioners, can deliver significant health benefits.


We have over 50 years of experience in the Canadian Natural Health Product industry. Our impacts on the industry include:


  • Former President, Head of Sales and Head of Operations of Seroyal International (makers of Genestra Brands, UNDA, and Pharmax in Canada and the USA).
  • Former General Manager, Head of Sales and Head of Operations at Atrium Innovations Professional Brands Canada (makers of Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Laboratories, Wobenzym, and Klean Athlete).
  • Former Board member of the Canadian Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Association (CHPA).
  • Trusted advisor to Health Canada and a significant contributor to key Monographs for the Natural Health Products industry.
  • Architect of industry-leading education programs for practitioners (with over 6,000 annual attendees) across Canada and the United States.
  • Former Heads of Sales and Operations for other notable brands within the natural/healthcare industry (Organika, Fullscript and Greenhouse Juice)


We have always been passionate about the industry and have collaborated globally with hundreds of healthcare practitioners. However, we have witnessed an unacceptable and significant paradigm shift with the steady increase of pharmaceutical and large CPG destructive participation through their aggressive acquisition programs. This consolidation has led to the erosion of the industry‘s moral compass, originally founded on making a difference in people‘s lives and nurturing relationships with clinical healthcare practitioners.


These conglomerates prioritize standardization, shareholder profitability, commoditization, trend-following, and operational efficiency over the welfare of individual practitioners and their patients. In response, we launched Integrity Health Naturals, a brand committed to creating relevant product formulations based on practitioner guidance, clinical success, and small-batch production for uncompromised product quality.

Integrity Health Naturals focuses on disrupting the Natural Health Product industry by prioritizing practitioner-guided care, transparency, and integrity. We seek to awaken the natural healer within all individuals, forging partnerships based on shared values and a commitment to making a positive impact on patients‘ lives.


-We Stand With Integrity