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Phyto S.E.D.

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    Non GMO
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    Made in Canada

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  • Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides)
  • English Walnut (Juglans regia)
  • Dog Rose (Rosa canina)


immunity complex


Phyto S.E.D. is a general tonic for stimulating the immune system.


It is used as a prophylaxis to fend off infections. Alpha-defensins is a microbicidal peptide mainly produced by Paneth cells in the intestine. They play a key role in innate immunity defence by controlling pathogen growth.


Gut microbiota favorably modulate α-defensins expression against pathogens The nourishing vitamins and minerals within Phyto S.E.D. complex aids recovery and promotes the colonization of favorable microbiota that are essential in priming the immune system and preventing the propagation of infections.


Sea-Buckthorn is the central remedy in the complex providing antioxidant activity. It is high in vitamin A,C and E, flavonoids and iron. The remedy provides flexibility by being effective in both acute and chronic infections.


Dog Rose combines well by providing additional anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity. It has traditional use cases for treating chronic infection in pediatric patients and does well for chronic herpes.


English Walnut acts to strengthen the body’s skin and mucous membrane, in particular the intestinal mucosa where infections replicate quickly due to the easy access to nutrients for replication. Phyto S.E.D. is used fourteen days of the month as an immune prophylaxis.

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