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Hawthorn Young Shoot - Crataegus laevigata

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    Non GMO
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    Made in Canada

Hawthorn is a small and mighty thorny shrub, once used by land owners to provide a protective border around their property. In traditional chinese medicine, this sweet, sour and warming berry is used to support the heart and nervous system. In western botanical medicine, hawthorn berries may be consumed as a solid extract for a variety of cardiovascular ailments. 


Hawthorn young shoots target both the cardiovascular and nervous system; it calms tension & anxieties while correcting minor heart rhythm disorders, palpitations, and false angina. 


On a spiritual and mental-emotional level, hawthorn young shoots protect us from the outside world in order to develop strength and love.


Phytoembryonic plant medicine, similar to western botanical medicine, relies on the extraction of a variety of plant phytochemicals, nutrients, and energetics to exert therapeutic effects. The plant bud, composed mainly of meristem cells, is the most concentrated and vital part of the plant, since it houses all of a plant's developmental information. Meristem cells are undifferentiated embryological tissue capable of specializing function based on living conditions. Thus, meristem cells are the factory, motor, and blueprints for an immature plant, giving functional instructions to the embryonic tissue, and driving its growth to thrive in a specific environment.

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