Current healthcare is in place to make sure that the general population feels stable. It is not their goal to ensure that we are feeling our best. IHN is a family owned health sciences company that is focused on partnering with licensed healthcare professionals with only one goal in mind… Maximizing how great you can possibly feel. Over 40+ years of experience has taught us how to properly care for the needs of others. We are activists for your health and we stand with INTEGRITY!

HSP Complete 50

HSP Complete 50

Our Human Strain Probiotics (HSP) Complete 50 with postbiotics provides 12 clinically studied  human strains at a potency of 50 billion colony forming units (CFU) per vegetarian capsule. With a balance of probiotics to target the small and large intestinal flora, we have you covered. Unlike enteric coated or delayed release products, our capsules are designed to target the duodenum and exert maximal gut-brain support, when taken with food.

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Enhanced 𝝮3

Enhanced 𝝮3 is a patented monoglyceride omega-3 fatty acid researched and developed in Canada. The innovative MaxSimil delivery system was shown to have superior absorption than the next leading brands of ethyl ester or reconstituted triglyceride fish oil.

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